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Workshop on NLP for Reading and Writing

Swedish Conference of Language Technology, 2008
Year of publication: 
Conference paper - peer reviewed

New tools and media are creating new possibilities for people to communicate and find information over the Internet in a multilingual, global society. This is reflected in the fact that writers now write more in everyday life, typically create text directly on the computer and on the Internet (e.g. on blogs and other Web 2.0 technologies), and use new forms of writing in e-mails, web chats or SMS-messages on mobile phones. This concerns not only adults at work, but also children and youth.

However, the new possibilities also put higher demands on our skills in using language for achieving our communicative goals in different situations. If the demands are not met, a great number of people will risk being excluded from participation in the emerging information society. Of course, this will have unfortunate consequences not only for the individual, but also for society at large. Therefore, there is a growing need for support in reading and writing.

Certainly, there already exists writing tools such as authoring aids in word processors and instructional support in writing education. However, existing solutions have great difficulties meeting the growing need of support. In part, this is due to technical limitations of the tools in processing language, but also to the fact that these tools are poorly adjusted to different tasks, target user groups, genres and media.


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