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DTL meeting 091030

Present: Robin Cooper, Anders Eriksson, Torbj√∂rn Lager, Staffan Larsson, Jonas Lindh, Bengt Nordstr√∂m, Ylva H√•rd af Segerstad  (apologies from Alexandra Weilenmann)

1.  Presentation at CLT restart (40 minutes)

Anders, Jonas not invited to restart?  (Action: Robin)

Each group (i.e. dialogue systems, applied speech technology, mobile communication studies, web science*) should make an 8 minute presentation (4 minutes on current research and 4 minutes on planned future research relating to  the description of the lab on pp. 15ff of st-plan-rev-090602.pdf).  The presentation on the future should relate to the CLT goals listed on pp. 17ff of st-plan-rev-090602.pdf.  There is a shared file on google docs to which you should have been invited by email.

*Web science was not listed as part this lab in the description (st-plan-rev-090602.pdf) but we are happy to include it


2.  Needs/suggestions for support

    a.  Technical support (forskningsingenj√∂r)

All groups should write down needs that they have on

    b.  Research support (forskare)

One view is that applicants should be invited to relate a project to the research programme that we will develop on our web pages.

Short preliminary appointments for project development 50%/100% could be made for 4 months duration with a view to applying for external funding.  Tasks could include coordination of the lab, coordination of applications for external funding for the whole lab as well as conducting research.

Alexandra sent the following in an email before the meeting:

Vad gällde utlysning av tjänster m.m. så vore det lämpligt med en person på deltid med start snarast, för att kunna genomföra den satsning Ylva och jag har föreslagit vad gäller samling av data och etablerandet av en korpus för mobil kommunikation. Någon som har erfarenhet av att jobba med inspelat material, som är tekniskt kunnig. Jag antar att ni har en bra sådan rekryteringsbas genom era utbildningar. Jag ska under våren försöka samla in mer material och skulle även behöva hjälp med hanteringen av det.

Is this for a researcher or research engineer?



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