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Tools for multilingual grammar-based translation on the web

Proceedings of the ACL 2010 System Demonstrations
Year of publication: 
Conference paper - peer reviewed

This is a system demo for a set of tools for translating
texts between multiple languages in real time with high
quality. The translation works on restricted languages, and is
based on semantic interlinguas. The underlying model is GF
(Grammatical Framework), which is an open-source toolkit for
multilingual grammar implementations.
The demo will cover up to 20 parallel languages.

Two related sets of tools are presented: grammarian's tools helping to build
translators for new domains and languages, and translator's tools helping
to translate documents. The grammarian's tools are designed to make it
easy to port the technique to new applications. The translator's tools
are essential in the restricted language context, enabling the author
to remain in the fragments recognized by the system.

The tools that are demonstrated will be applied and developed further
in the European project MOLTO (Multilingual On-Line Translation)
which has started in March 2010 and runs for three years.


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