The Text Technology Lab

The Text Technology Lab (TTL), one of three labs within the Centre for Language Technology (CLT) at the University of Gothenburg, focuses its fundamental research on language technology (LT) data resources and tools and methodologies for working effectively with large amounts of digitized text as primary research data, as in many humanities and social sciences disciplines. Text is to be understood in the widest sense, including, e.g., transcribed speech.

At the heart of the TTL is  Språkbanken (Swedish Language Bank <>), a nationally and internationally acknowledged research unit at the University of Gothenburg, which since 1975 has made Swedish and other language resources available online to both the research community and the general public. Språkbanken possesses a unique combination of competences in the areas of Swedish text corpora, parallel text corpora, Swedish computational lexicons and LT tools for the processing, annotation and presentation of text corpora.

The centerpiece of the fundamental LT research in the lab is the creation of a full-scale computational lexical resource for modern Swedish – and to some extent earlier forms of Swedish, primarily the 19th century language – with rich semantic, syntactic and morphological information (Swedish Frame-Net++). Additional areas of research are LT resources and tools used for eScience and Web Science, in particular in linguistics and in medicine and other life sciences, but also in history and literature, as well as text generation in the cultural heritage domain (in collaboration with the grammar technology lab and the Gothenburg City Museum).

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