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Year of publication: 2007
All authors Title Type Source
Cajsa Ottesjö Önskelistor och sportlov – två kommunikativa projekt i ett informellt flerpersonssamtal. En studie i återgående praktiker och deras språkliga resurser i samta Chapter in monograph, book Engdahl & Londen (eds), Interaktion och kontext. Nio studier av svenska samtal.
A. Baltz, Devdatt Dubhashi, A. Srivastav, Libertad Tansini, S. Werth Probabilistic analysis for a multiple depot vehicle routing problem Scientific journal article - peer reviewed Random structures & algorithms
Devdatt Dubhashi, Olle Häggström, Gabriele Mambrini, Alessandro Panconesi, Chiara Petrioli Blue pleiades, a new solution for device discovery and scatternet formation in multi-hop bluetooth networks Scientific journal article - peer reviewed Wireless Networks
Devdatt Dubhashi, Olle Häggström, Lorenzo Orrechia, Alessandro Panconesi, Chiara Petrioli Localized techniques for broadcasting in wireless sensor networks. Scientific journal article - peer reviewed Algorithmica
Devdatt Dubhashi, Johan Jonasson, Desh Ranjan positiv influence and negative dependence Scientific journal article - peer reviewed Combinatorics, Probability and Computing