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Author Description
Borin Lars, Dannélls Dana, Forsberg Markus, Gronostaj Maria T., Kokkinakis Dimitrios
Borin Lars, Forsberg Markus
Borin Lars, Forsberg Markus, Kokkinakis Dimitrios
Kokkinakis Dimitrios, Gerdin Ulla
Kokkinakis Dimitrios, Gerdin Ulla
Ljunglöf Peter, Wirén Mats

Syntactic parsing. In Nitin Indurkhya and Fred J. Damerau, editors, Handbook of Natural Language Processing, 2nd edition, chapter 4. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2010, forthcoming. ISBN 978-1420085921

Wittenburg Peter, Bel Nuria, Borin Lars, Budin Gerhard, Calzolari Nicoletta, Hajicova Eva, Koskenniemi Kimmo, Lemnitzer Lothar, Mægaard Bente, Piasecki Maciej, Pierrel Jean-Marie, Piperidis Stelios, Skadina Inguna, Tufis Dan, van Veenendal Remco, Váradi Tamás, Wynne Martin
Author Description
Andréasson Maia, Borin Lars, Forsberg Markus, Beskow Jonas, Carlson Rolf, Edlund Jens, Elenius Kjell, Hellmer Kahl, House David, Merkel Magnus, Forsbom Eva, Megyesi Beáta, Eriksson Anders, Strömqvist Sven
Borin Lars