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Larsson, S. 2007
Larsson, S., Villing, J. 2007
Larsson, Staffan 2009
Lendvai Piroska, Borin Lars (eds) 2009
Lindberg Inger, Johansson Kokkinakis Sofie 2007
Lindberg Inger, Johansson Kokkinakis Sofie, Holmegaard Margareta 2007
Ljunglöf Peter 2007

Converting Grammatical Framework to Regulus. In Proc. SPEECHGRAM, Workshop on Grammar-Based Approaches to Spoken Language Processing, Prague, 2007.

Ljunglöf Peter 2008
Ljunglöf Peter 2009

Dialogue management as interactive tree building. In Proc. DiaHolmia’09, 13th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009.

Ljunglöf Peter 2009

trindikit.py: An open-source Python library for developing ISU-based dialogue systems. In Proc. IWSDS’09, 1st International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology Workshop, Kloster Irsee, Germany, 2009