GRASP: Grammatical Sentence Processor

(In Swedish: "Grammatisk Språkredigering")

The contact person is Peter Ljunglöf.

The goal of this project is a tool that will simplify editing of grammatical text, a kind of predictive editor similar to the word prediction systems used in mobile phones. The main difference with current text input methods is that the user can edit anywhere in the text, not just add words at the end. The user just point at a word or a phrase, and the system suggests alternatives based on an underlying grammar. When the user selects an alternative, the system will automatically reformulate the sentence by changing inflection or word order, or adding or removing words, so that it will always be grammatically correct.

The underlying grammar formalism is GF, which has support for writing multlingual parallel grammars. This makes the GRASP editor a multilingual translator, provided that the underlying grammar supports several languages.

The theory behind GRASP is grammar- and language-independent, so the GRASP tool works for any GF grammar (even though some grammars are better suited than others). There is an online demonstration, purely written in Javascript, which is based on the GF Phrasebook, here:

The code is open-source and avaliable on GitHub:

The tool would consist of a computer system which gives support for language learning and language training. The system is graphical, where the child can point in words or phrases to get explanations in the form of symbols, writte text, or spoken words. The child can also reformulate the sentences, by moving words to new places or change the inflection of words. The system will then automatically reformulate the sentence, so that it will always be grammatically correct. The tool is intended to in a playful way stimulate the child's will to explore the possibilities of language.

GRASP started as a small project which run between January 2010 and July 2011. It was run by DART (Kommunikations- och dataresurscenter för personer med funktionshinder), and financed by Sunnerdahls Handikappfond. In this initial project we intended to develop a pedagogical tool for children with communication disabilities, but now it has evolved to include adults and people without disabilities too.

Publications and presentations

  • The original project description (in Swedish): GRASP.pdf
  • Short paper and poster presented at SLTC'10, 3rd Swedish Language Technology Conference, October 2010, in Linköping: grasp-sltc.pdf, grasp-poster.pdf
  • Paper describing the underlying theory presented at Nodalida'11, 18th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics, May 2011, in Rīga, 2011: grasp-nodalida.pdf
  • Presentation at the first ISAAC Nordic Symposium, May 2011, in Gothenburg: ISAAC-talk-110524.pdf
  • Presentation at the LOCI II Workshop, June 2011, in London: LOCI-talk-110617.pdf
  • Local presentation here in Gothenburg: Gbg-talk-130903.pdf
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