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Master thesis proposals, Text technology lab

Current Master Thesis Proposals



Earlier Master Thesis Proposals

Master Thesis Proposals:
Spelling variation in Swedish text
A Swedish diachronic lexicon
Extending IDS
Swedish multiword-entity extraction
Linking a pronunciation lexicon to SALDO
A multilingual corpus database for typological and genetic linguistics
Temporal information in Swedish - identification, resolution, normalization and standardization
Number Sense Disambiguation for Swedish - "Assign each Number a Sense"
Clustering corpus paragraphs for lexical differentiation
Fact extraction from (bio)medical article titles
Name linking and visualization in (Swedish) digital collections
Using medical domain language models for expert and non-expert language for user oriented information retrieval
Automatic alignment between expert and non-expert language
Topic models in Swedish Litterature and other Collections
Medication extraction from "Dirty data"
Automatic selection of (thematic) texts from web
Automatic text classification by its readability
Exercise generator for English or any other language available through NLTK
Spelling games
Part-of-speech tagging/syntactic parsing of emergent texts
OCR error correction and segmentation
Classification of learner essays by achieved proficiency level
Collocations for learners of Swedish
Part-of-speech tagging/syntactic parsing of emergent texts
Adding valency information to a dependency parser
Building a sentiment lexicon for Swedish
A poor man's approach to integrating POS-tagging and parsing.
Sub-corpus topic modeling and Swedish litterature

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