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Natural Language Interaction with Semantic Web Knowledge Bases and LOD.

Towards multilingual Semantic Web
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Chapter in monograph, book - peer reviewed

Cultural heritage appears to be a very useful use case for Se-mantic Web technologies. The domain provides with plenty of circum-stances where linkages between different knowledge sources are requiredto ensure access to rich information and respond to the needs of profes-sionals dealing with cultural heritage content. Semantic Web technolo-gies offer the technological backbone to meet the requirement of integrat-ing heterogeneous data easily, but they are still more adapted to be con-sumed by computers than by humans, especially non-engineers or devel-opers. This chapter is about a technique which allows interaction in nat-ural language with semantic knowledge bases. The proposed techniqueoffers a method that allows querying a semantic repository in natural lan-guage and obtaining results from it as a coherent text. This unique solu-tion includes several steps of transition from natural language to SPARQLand from RDF to coherent multilingual descriptions, using the Grammat-ical Framework, GF. The approach builds on a semantic knowledge in-frastructure in RDF, it is based on OWLIM-SE and the data integrationmethod Reason-able View supplied with an ontological reference layer.The latter is connected via formal rules with abstract representations de-rived from the syntactic trees of natural language input using the GF re-source grammar library.

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