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Peter Ljunglöf

Real name: 
Peter Ljunglöf


I am a research engineer at the department of Swedish. My interests are corpora, grammar formalisms, parsing, dialogue systems, and communicative disabilities.

I am/have been involved in the research projects GRASPTRIK, DICO, TALK, TRINDI, INDI, and SDS. I am also involved in the language technology company Talkamatic.


I teach a lot. Apart from occasional lectures on a number of courses, I have been responsible (sometimes partly) for the following:

  • Information refinement, 2009
  • Language theory: syntax, 2009
  • Semantics, 2008
  • Dialogue systems, 2008
  • Laboratory course in language technology, 2008
  • Computational syntax och semantics, 2007–2009
  • Natural language processing, 2008 (PhD course at GSLT)
  • Project course in language technology, 2007, 2009
  • Thesis seminars, 2005—2007
  • Parsing Methods, 2005 (PhD course at GSLT)
  • Parsing Algorithms, 2002—2006
  • Logic programming, 1999—2001


I have supervised the following masters students, in various language technology areas: Christel Nyberg (2001), HĂĄkan Burden (2005), Martin Johansson (2006), Johanna Lidskog (2007), Agne Frisch and Martin Stenberg (2008), Johan Behrenfeldt (2009). Moreover, I am assistant supervisor for PhD student HĂĄkan Burden.

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