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The DICO project: A Multimodal Menu-based In-vehicle Dialogue System

Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Computational Semantics (IWCS-7)
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Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Dico is a multimodal in-car dialogue system application. An obvious advantage of spoken dialogue in the vehicle environment is thath the driver
does not have to take the eyes - and the attention - off the road. DICO (with capital letters) is also a recently started research project, with funding from Vinnova, involving major Swedish industry players (Volvo, TeliaSonera) as well as the Dialogue Systems Lab at G¨oteborg University, and KTH in
In the original Dico application (Olsson and Villing, 2005), the dialogue system was able to control a cellphone. The main goal was to develop an interface that is less distracting the driver, and thus both safer and easier to use than existing interfaces. In an in-vehicle environment, it is cruicial that the system is intuitive and easy to use. GoDiS’ dialogue manager allows the
user to interact more flexibly and naturally with menu-based interfaces to devices. Today’s vehicles typically contain several devices that the driver needs to control, many of them with menu-based interfaces. To show how a multimodal dialogue system can help when controlling several devices, Dico has been extended with a DID (Driver Information Display) and a radio.


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